Important questions to ask your wedding photographer

Important questions to ask your Wedding Photographer Once you have your date, booked your venue, and the rush and excitement of the engagement falls in to the background, organizing and planning your wedding can feel overwhelming. Of all the moving parts that come with planning a wedding and hiring suppliers, consulting a seasoned wedding photographer should be at […]

Engagement Photography at Stowe Landscaped Gardens

Engagement Photography at Stowe Landscaped Gardens The wonderful Stowe Landscaped Gardens provided the stunning backdrop for Sunny and Matt’s pre-wedding shoot. Although Sunny and Matt, live locally in Brackley, their wedding will be celebrated in Norway. Sunny (Solveig) is native to the Country, so for the couple it seemed fitting to hold the wedding back in […]

Why Wedding Photography can be so expensive

  Why Wedding Photography can be so expensive Here are many reason why wedding photography can be expensive Some people have a small budget, some large, and for others they have an endless pocket of cash, to lavish on the biggest wedding they desire. Add up the venue cost, and the catering! Then the long […]

Engagement Photography Milton Keynes-Will and Alex

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Will & Alex- Engagement Photography Milton Keynes Will and Alex found me online, well using a Wedding listing company. Things seemed to feel right from our initial exchange of emails. The couple live in London, with parents and friends living in Milton Keynes. They had decided on a more local Wedding venue […]

Crazy Wedding Photographers

  Crazy Wedding Photographers Wedding photographers are, on the whole, a crazy bunch of people. I don’t mean in the terms of having mental issues or being problematic. I am referring more to being obsessive regarding their art, and what they will do for their Bride and Groom. Many will go that extra mile to […]

Kelvin and Jo

Kelvin & Jo Kelvin and Jo Blisworth Church Wedding  I had met Kelvin and Jo at their beautiful home, somewhere at the end of 2016. Ther couple had chosen a Blisworth Church Wedding for their ceremony, followed by a reception at Towcester Rugby Club.We discussed their dreams of the day, and what they required from me […]

Xmas and New year Wedding Proposals

Wedding Proposals Xmas and New Year Wedding proposals this Xmas period  seem in vast supply. I’ve received a long list of emails, phone calls, and enquiries from all over, regarding wedding photography. It’s not just me, other wedding photographers are experiencing exactly the same. It’s 6 days into 2018 and I’ve taken 4 new wedding bookings […]

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Engagement

  Photo Credit: Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press Photo Credit: Getty Images Photo Credit: Getty Images Now matter where we turn, for the last week, and for many more weeks to come, we will continue to see images, and videos of Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle. The couple are now officially engaged! Buckingham Palace released news of the  royal engagement […]

Frank and Lucy

  Chicheley Hall Wedding Photographs Frank and Lucy On August 1st I had the pleasure of capturing the beautiful summer wedding of Frank and Lucy. As you’ll see from the images the weather was a warm and sunny day. The couple chose an intimate ceremony at Bletchley Registry Office. Frank and Lucy arrived in a […]

Kara and Martin-Overstone Park Wedding

  Overstone Park Wedding Photographs Kara and Martin I met Kara and Martin at the end of 2016. We had arranged a meeting over coffee at their home. We chatted about their hopes for the day, and their fears of being in front of the camera. They had chosen Overstone Park wedding venue. Neither of […]