Guildhall Northampton Wedding Photographer

The Guildhall Northampton Wedding Photography

I’m a regular Guildhall Northampton Wedding Photographer.  Located in St Giles Square, I can highly recommend this stunning Northampton wedding venue. The building stands at the top of Northampton’s Cultural Quarter, and is steeped in history. The architecture of this historic building is wonderful, and must be viewed, both internally and externally.

Why choose me to photograph your Guildhall Wedding

I’ve been a Guildhall Northampton Wedding Photographer on many occasions over the years, photographing most areas within the building. I have the experience and knowledge of the best places to capture the most stunning images. The building, in some areas, can often be quite dark. I am very well equipped with the necessary low light cameras, and experience to combat such issues. I’m also well equipped if the weather is inclement. I carry a selection of some very pretty white umbrellas to keep you dry, if any outdoor images are required.

A short bit of history about The Guildhall

The original town hall became too small over 200 years ago. A competition was held to find a new design for a new building which was to be located in St Giles Square. The winner was E.W. Godwin from Bristol. That building became the eastern part of the current Guildhall and was completed in 1864.

The Guildhall Wedding

The Guildhall boasts venues to accommodate small intimate groups, or larger receptions of up to 200 guests. The wedding venue includes the magnificent Great Hall. The ceiling of the Great Hall is decorated with arms of the counties. There are stunning stained glass windows, which were on view at the Victoria and Albert Museum before they were installed in the Guildhall.

The medium sized Council Chamber is perfect for a mid range of guests, probably holding around 100 people. The room is richly decorated, and very grand, much as you’d expect from an old Council Chamber. It houses some very large windows, either side of the room. There’s a large coat of arms at the front of the room, with seating either side.

Perfect for small intimate weddings

If you have a much smaller wedding group, you’ll find more intimate Court Room very accommodating. All of the rooms will provide for an amazing backdrop for your wedding. Access to most areas of the building is included, even if you are booking for a ceremony only.

If you’re looking for a Guildhall Northampton Wedding Photographer, I’d love to hear from you. A list of wedding packages are available. Bespoke packages can be created just for you, If you have a specific budget, and different requirements to those on my pricing page. Contact me below, to see if I can help.