Couple kissing at Towcester Rugby Club Wedding Venue

Kelvin & Jo

Kelvin and Jo Blisworth Church Wedding 

I had met Kelvin and Jo at their beautiful home, somewhere at the end of 2016. Ther couple had chosen a Blisworth Church Wedding for their ceremony, followed by a reception at Towcester Rugby Club.We discussed their dreams of the day, and what they required from me as their wedding photographer.   Every couple, and I do really mean every couple, is so very different in the dreams for their wedding day. Every wedding day is different. It’s why I love a wedding so much. For me, I don’t believe you need to have a certain’style’ as a wedding photographer, because in reality the Bride and Groom choose your style for the day. Kelvin and Jo had a clear vision in mind.

Wedding Photography Stlyes

You can be more one style than another, don’t get me wrong, but the couple call the shots, so to speak. They might require posed and traditional, natural, or candid, alternative images, without any posing what so ever. You have to be able to deliver, or I guess, you can turn down a lot of weddings and just shoot what you want to shoot, that’s just fine, but that’s not for me!   When it comes down to it, every wedding will have images that cross each genre, natural, traditional, posed, reportage, captured in the moment,  keeping it real, as in Uncle Joe drinking way too much, and falling over on the dance floor.   When you photograph a wedding you carry an awful lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You are documenting the day in picture, framing every moment, ensuring that each important shot is captured, for all time. Capturing memories, for the couple, their guests and for those who may not have been able to attend.

There’s nothing better than a wedding

There really is nothing like the buzz of a wedding, and the anticipation of the day and how it will unfold. For me, once I’m safely at the venue, then I totally relax. I know my art, I love what I do, and I know the couple and their desires of the day. If there are any secret surprises, it’s best for either one of the couple to let me know. That way, I can be fully aware and prepared so that I capture that special moment.    

It’s vital that you are always prepared for most situations. Ensure that you have back up equipment, that it is clean and working.  Dual card slots, plenty of SD cards and camera batteries will give you piece of mind.


Jo and Kelvin’s Day

It’s the 13th May 2017. Here I stand, eager, and more prepared than a Boy Scout with OCD, ready to shoot the wedding of Kelvin and Jo. The weather was actually very warm, and amazingly dry on that day. As I recall it had been raining non stop leading up to the wedding day itself. I’d come prerpared for that too, no wellies but a whole bunch of wedding umbrellas. I was lucky in 2017 that I only actually had one rainy wedding, and even the it was for only part of the day.   So, back to Jo and Kelvin. The couple decided on there Blisworth Church Wedding, as they live just a short walk from the church itself, so Jo decided to walk to her ceremony. Jo was led by her Nephew, who was giving her away, and attended by 2 flower girls, who are Nieces to Jo. Kelvin’s Best Man was his eldest Son. His younger Son provided a lovely reading at the Church ceremony.   It was a beautiful service, with the couple and their family at the heart of it. During the service there was a lot of giggling, and that was between the Bride and Groom, with their Sons and Nephew. It was a really relaxed ceremony, the Reverand joining in much of the laughter too. The couple took their vows, were then blessed and moved along to their singing of the register. This is a legal document so there must be no photographs of the actual signing itself. Those images are posed with a fake signing after the paperwork itself is in order.

Onto the Reception at Towcester Rugby Club

Kelvin led his Bride outside the Church. All the guests lined up ready to capture the confetti shot, which is always great fun, and everybody loves it!   The guests, along with the Bride and Groom clambered aboard a 52 seater bus to take them to a reception at Towcester Rugby Club. The couple had chosen a Vintage Theme, with bunting, hay bales and lanterns. This was all set up externally to enjoy after the wedding breakfast had been consumed inside. The one thing I noticed throughout the day was a large sense of fun, and a firm closeness between the families.   The Best Man delivered a rapturous speech for his Father, causing many to collapse in fits of laughter. A live band played for the first dance. Jo and Kelvin were joined on the dance floor, with many of the guests, who, were wearing masks with the couples faces on them.  There was a great atmosphere on the dance floor all evening, which kept most of the guests up dancing all evening!
Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Dryden

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