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Will and Alex found me online, well using a Wedding listing company. Things seemed to feel right from our initial exchange of emails. The couple live in London, with parents and friends living in Milton Keynes. They had decided on a more local Wedding venue located in Buckinghamshire. To source a local photographer based around the Buckinghamshire area was quite important for them. After an exchange of emails, the couple booked a no obligation meeting with me. This would allow us to speak more about their day, and to find out how I could work alongside, and also see my work in Print. 


First Pre Wedding Meeting 16th July 2017

We met in Milton Keynes one Sunday lunchtime, at The Nut and Squirrel. The meeting went extremely well. I was very interested to find out about their day, their dreams and what they required from me as their photographer. As we chatted I produced an old vintage suitacase containing my printed work, instagram prints, canvasses, wedding albums and boxed heart shaped USB’s.  Both Will and Alex really liked my presentation to them, and loved the work I produced. Seeing images on a website gives you a good idea of a photographer’s skill, but viewing, holding, and feeling printed photographs is so very different. For me nothing can beat a printed photograph. It’s something real, that you can see and touch.

Although we have a digital age, the feel, texture and visual impact of printed goods far outweighs a website. The printed items will last forever, and be a reminder of your special day, long after the wedding cake is eaten, the dress packed away and the flowers have gone back into the Earth. I had a strong feeling that Will and Alex felt the same. They were very interested in the sample Wedding Album, and I could see Alex visulaizing how their images would look inside a very similar Album.  

The Booking

We parted company after what seemed to me to be a a very successful meeting. Will said they’d be in touch fairly soon. I really liked the couple, and felt a connection. Their happiness and compatibility could be seen by whoever met them. I hoped they would book me, as I really wanted to be a part of their day.

A few days later I received notification that they wanted to book. Yay, it’s such a great feeling. When you’re a wedding photographer, you really do get attached to your couples, and want to provide nothing but the best for them. I love everything about my job, and always feel so very priveledged to be chosen to share in a couples day. 

A small glitch, as often happens with weddings!

A few weeks after our meeting, I received a call from Alex, slightly concerned, as their original venue had let them down. However, they had located another venue but for a different date! Thankfully I was free for 13th May 2018. Phew, it was meant to be; I was meant to be their photographer.

We can look back now and say, after the wedding, that the glitch was heaven sent,  It was a stunning venue. Buckinghamshire Railway Centre is fabulous. You can read all about Will & Alex’s wedding and their venue here, and see for yourself!

The Pre Wedding Shoot day 14th April

10 months flew past. I can’t recall if I contacted Will and Alex, or they messaged me. Either way the pre wedding shoot was arranged, at Ouzel Valley Park. It was a lovely sunny day, especially after what seemed to be such a long cold winter. Ouzel Valley is a great location, situated at Woughton in Milton Keynes. It was time to get to know Alex and Will a little bit more and let them become more relaxed around me and the camera.

I prefer a location shoot against a studio shoot, because I feel it’s less obtrusive, and scary. It’s more natural, rather than lights camera action in the studio, and feeling out of your depth. It’s let’s go for a walk, and chat about the wedding, i’ll grab some shots as we go. I think it allows a couple to be more themselves. We are on common ground doing things that feel more normal. Walking into a studio being asked to pose this way and that, doesn’t really replicate how you will all work together on the actual wedding day. It will be far from normal, but for the most part the couple pretty much act out the ceremony and wedding breakfast. It’s documentary photography as it happens, you can’t pose a ceremony, or wedding breakfast, or do another take! 


It’s all about fun!

A pre wedding shoot is about fun, and nothing too imposing. Alex and Will were slightly apprehensive, which is only natural.  My main aim was to get the couple relaxed, talking about their day, and injecting some fun and laughter. It’s about allowing the shoot to flow, where they could just be themselves, and they pretty much were.

I didn’t want to be stopping every 2 minutes for a posed shot. It’s a relaxed and natural photoshoot after all . Will and Alex became more and more relaxed as we walked and chatted about the day. They had a taste of how things will be photography wise on the wedding day. It was a fun shoot, well it was a lovely walk with some fun images taken along the way. The couple both felt that is was really important to book a pre wedding shoot, and would encourage other couples to do the same. On the night of the wedding and when I was leaving, they told me just how much it had helped them enjoy their day even more! 


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