Now matter where we turn, for the last week, and for many more weeks to come, we will continue to see images, and videos of Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle. The couple are now officially engaged! Buckingham Palace released news of the  royal engagement on 27th November. The Palace confirmed that the couple were engaged earlier this month! The statement from the Palace reads, ‘The marriage of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle will take place at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle in May 2018’. This mean excitement across the world, as another royal wedding is on the way.

In their first ever interview, Harry revealed that he got down on one knee, during a cosy night in at their cottage.  Megan apparently didn’t let him finish before saying yes. I would imagine that many single girls the world over, are feeling sad that, this handsome royal is now engaged. However, with so many others, they too will be looking forward to the royal wedding.

Following Princess Diana’s death, the Brothers chose pieces of their Mother’s jewellery for momentos. It was said that although Harry chose her engagement ring, the boys agreed that whoever got engaged first, would use their Mother’s ring. Kate Middleton, as we know, bares the famous ring of Diana.

Harry commissioned a ring, which would also be linked to his Mum, so although she wasn’t there to enjoy their happiness, a part of her was with them, always!  The custom engagement ring features a trio of diamonds. The centre stone is from Botswana, a diamond, which is flanked by two diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal collection. 

The budget for this royal wedding will be high. It is estimated that it will cost over £30 million. It would be great to see a list, and a breakdown of items, to compare to the normal wedding budget of every day folk. As a wedding photographer I wonder what the Royal’s wedding photography package would cost. I am sure the fee, would probably be relevant to a year, or more, of wedding bookings for most wedding photographers.

Hugo Burnand the official photographer of Kate and William, lists some do’s and dont’s for wedding photography, which can be read here. Some very interesting, and helpful information for all wedding photographers.

Whilst I couldn’t locate photography budgets for weddings of the rich and famous, I did find a site listing 5 of the most expensive weddings ever!

Many will be irritated by the royal wedding, seeing it as a waste of tax payer’s money. How much will the the Royal Wedding cost? Apparently the money doesn’t come directly from our pockets. It’s interesting to see in this article where the Royals get their income, and their personal fortunes and investments. Whatever you think, it will be good for the economy, and should bring more tourists to this Country. During the lead up to, and over William and Kate’s wedding, around an extra 800,000 tourist visited the UK!

I love a wedding. Hopefully the Royal engagement will spread hope, goodwill, and happiness across the world. I wish them all the very best on their engagement, along with much happiness for the future!



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