Recently engaged couple's photoshoot at Delapre Abbey
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Young couple sharing their love during a walk at Willen Lake

Wedding Proposals Xmas and New Year

Wedding proposals this Xmas period  seem in vast supply. I’ve received a long list of emails, phone calls, and enquiries from all over, regarding wedding photography. It’s not just me, other wedding photographers are experiencing exactly the same. It’s 6 days into 2018 and I’ve taken 4 new wedding bookings this week alone. I’ve also 3 meetings over the next 2 weeks been booked, which might turn into actual wedding bookings. This is great stuff for me. I hope the weeks get busier! I hope, that 2018 will be my most succesful year yet! So, what is it about Xmas and New Year that gets couples deciding on Marriage. Let’s put alcohol out of the running, as I’m sure, that has nothing to do with it. Does it, surely not? It’s supposedly the season of goodwill, good cheer and happiness. Perhaps it’s that good feel factor. It might be that many break off from the stresses of work, relax at home, reflect, take a look around them, and make some big life decisions, New Year resolutions, getting life int check? Is it a wow factor present, kill 2 birds with one stone, oops, a little pun there not intended. The engagement ring doubles as a xmas present, and a token of forever dying love! The wedding proposals come high on many genteleman’s list. Sorry for my lack of romance here! Maybe it’s because Xmas is a magical, emotional, and a very romantic time of the year. The smell of xmas, log fires, the romantic glow of the Xmas tree lights, and all cosy indoors makes for a perfect setting. Not to mention being close with family and friends. Certain studies show that Xmas Eve is the most popular date in the calendar to propose, followed by New Year’ s Eve, New Year’s Day and then Xmas Day, but all outstripping Valentine’s Day. Xmas wedding proposals can go, so very wrong, as can a proposal at any time of course. However, if you choose to have an audience i.e half your family who are visiting for Xmas, when you propose, it’s probably asking for trouble. Whilst everyone else may think that its a fabulous idea, a proposal does not have to be accepted, and for some, a proposal can be furthest from their mind, so be careful. It is far easier to decline if you’re asked in private. A public proposal is just wrong, unless of course you know that this IS going to be reciprocated. Don’t leave it to chance and yourself open to public humiliation when your intended gives a big fat NO. You might be in the relationship for the long haul, but they might be in it, just for the here an now! If in doubt though, please, leave it out! A one on one is far more romantic and intimate anyway, and you’ll know for sure that they said yes because they wanted to and not because they felt under pressure, good luck! Here’s wishing many congratulations to all those couple’s who got engaged over the festive period. I’ll leave you with images of some of the weddings I photographed in 2017.If you’ve just got engaged, then this could be you in 2018/2019. Congratulations! 

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