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Wedding Tips for Brides and Grooms, from Brides and Grooms who married in 2018!

You’ll search the internet, and find a milestone of Wedding tips for couples planning their Wedding. You’ll find Blogs from photographers, venues, florists, and wedding planners. You’ll find advice in magazines, books, and of course from family and friends. However, there is very little from actual couples who have experienced things first hand. I thought that I’d ask a handful of my Brides and Grooms that I photographed this year, in 2018. You can’t get more up to date than that, can you?

I messaged each one personally, not knowing how they’d respond.

With hindsight, what wedding tip would you give to a couple currently planning their Big Day. 

I had a fabulous response, much better than I’d expected. I was very busy with my Wedding Photography in 2018. So many of my Brides and Grooms, seemed happy to feed through their wedding tips, to anyone who is planning their wedding now. I’m really keen to share their advice with you all. It was very interesting to learn what my couples thought.  Some couples had very similar wedding tips, and experiences that they wanted to share, which would be typical I guess. Nonetheless, I am sure that you will find much help from what they have said. I must give a big thank you to all those who took the time to reply. This Blog would not exist without them, so thank you.


Alexandria Fry 13/5/2018 Wedding Venue-Buckinghamshire Railway Station

People love to give advice to you all the time, what you must do, what you shouldn’t. The advice they are  providing is definitely coming from a good place. Try not to get swept away by it all, even if people make you feel that you’re not doing enough or too much. No one can express to you the magic that descends onto you both on the day, and that just can’t be planned or organised! You are going to be swept away entirely – no matter if you’re in a Gucci gown, bin bag, or a train station (which was not what I planned) so just relax and don’t sweat the small stuff – you never know, railway stations could be your new favourite place in the world!

Bride Photographs Bucks Railway Centre
Will Fry- 13/5/2018 Wedding Venue-Buckinghamshire Railway Station

If I could give one piece of advice, I’d say to not wish away a single moment of it – it’ll be over before you know it, and you’ll even look back fondly on the things that didn’t go to plan.

More on the planning side, I’d say that if you want a non-religious ceremony, visit the County Council website. Each council keeps an exhaustive list of licensed venues on their website. So if a venue can be used for weddings, it’ll be on their website. You can find some really interesting places that way: funfairs, cinemas, Railway museums (like ours!). It makes for a really memorable day for everyone.

                          Weddings at Bucks Railway Centre

  Helen and John 1/9/2018 Wedding Venue-The Guildhall Northampton

I guess our wedding tip would be to make sure the wedding is precisely what the bride and groom want, and not to be concerned with pleasing anybody else. Our wedding was based on us, and the things we love – we made lots of things – we love London – hence the bus. The Pork pie wedding cake, as John adored pork pies – the cake sculpted to have models of us on it.  It made the day perfect for us. We also didn’t share all our plans with everyone, so some things were a surprise for our guests – such as the music in The Guildhall and the magician.


Bride and Groom walk hand in hand by Daventry Wedding Photographer

Emma and Jamie 30/6/2018 Wedding Venue Towcester Race Course & Wedding Venue

Budget for every thing down to the favours. Always have a price in mind because it so easy to over spend. Shop around, as you come across so many different ideas that you would have never even thought of.

On your wedding day take a minute with your husband or wife to take a step back and enjoy the view. Family and friends all together enjoying your most amazing day. Take time to do this, as everything is so hectic and your time planned. The day goes so quickly. It goes by in a flash, and your day has ended.

Wedding car with bride and groom


Nicola and Erik 1/9/2018 St Mary’s Church & Longueville Hall

I would say, just enjoy every second of planning, and take every part of it as an adventure, including the stressful parts. One of the biggest things is to take time somewhere in the day, for 10-15 minutes as Husband and Wife. Take it all in because it’ll be the best memories ever. Be mindful that,  you don’t actually get see much of each other throughout the day.

Bride and groom sitting under tree


  Gabby and Ian 3/6/2018 The Church Restaurant-Northampton

I think the best piece of advice, is to organise as much as you can at the beginning. Be decisive, this means there is a lot less stress in the weeks leading up to the big day. We only had six months to plan our wedding but I am glad we just made decisions and stuck to them. 



  Danielle and Dave 2/11/2018 Wedding Venue-The Ritz Desborough

Don’t stress out too much about the day. Enjoy it, because it goes by so quickly. Don’t break your neck to make everyone else happy on your day!

       Bride and Groom sparkler exit Northampton

Relax and enjoy your Wedding Day!

What seems very important to me from these snippets, is to take time, with everything. Don’t let the small things because issues. Spend a bit of time together away from everyone. Breathe, together. Perhaps even watch your loved ones from a distance. All of the emotion, joy, and all of those amazing people laughing, together? They’re all with you, because of you. That’s pretty amazing.

During the wedding I usually factor in that the Bride and Groom to get away from it all. We sneak off for some intimate photos, so the new Husband and Wife, Wife and Wife, or Husband and Husband can speak, or grab a few moments together alone, and without me of course.

Plan your wedding, your way. It’s your big day, and it’s all about you, no one else. 

Most of all enjoy every moment, have as much fun as you can, as it’s over all too soon.

Thankfully your wedding photographer will have captured the memories for you to treasure, forever! 


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